Lady of the Forest 444

About Me

My name is Cindy and I have been talking to Higher Dimensional Beings for over 7 years now. I call these beings My Angels.

My Angels give me Love-Filled messages of hope, inspiration and wisdom that I share with the world.

These messages help ease our Awakening experience by providing Insightful and Loving information to guide us on our Spiritual Journey.


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My Book

In the late spring of 2022, one of my Angel Guides named Victoria, began to give me messages  for a book. This book offers a glimpse into the future of Earth and its people. These channeled messages allow Lightworkers to hone in on what is truly important – Love.  The book provides a lot of information to help us navigate through as we enter The Age of Aquarius. Lightworkers have a big job ahead of them and they deserve every blessing coming their way. A Lightworker’s Guidebook is now available for purchase on Amazon.