Private Readings


“I’ve been seeing various psychics and channels for 20 years.  I try to have a reading once a year.  My reading with Cindy proved to be one of the most unique experiences I have ever had.  I believe that no psychic can tell you something you don’t already know deep in your heart.  The message I received through her was so powerful and thrilling and new yet it resonated so deeply within me that I felt like my entire body was vibrating with love and knowing and connectedness.  I found Cindy on Tiktok and everything that I witnessed about her on Tiktok proved to be true one-on-one: she is authentic, kind, joy-filled, accessible and without pretense.  Her gift is real and we are so lucky she is sharing it with the world.”


“I had no idea what to expect from my angel session with Cindy. I’ve had readings in the past of a different nature, but this was truly special. The first thing I have to share is how at ease I felt. The angels, as well as Cindy’s calm presence really set the tone. They shared some past lives that very much pertained to my current life as well as gifts & abilities. They also shared how I’m here to assist humanity. I think the piece that gave me the most comfort was this sense of a potential future which sounds so magical! I’ll forever be grateful for my reading with Cindy & the angels. It has given so much to look forward too!”


“I loved the reading, it has really helped me to get some perspective on the events occurring in my life and has given me such hope for a brighter future. I am looking forward to bringing these gifts to the world”


Private Readings

Readings are paused indefinitely at this time due to unforeseen, personal circumstances. I am hoping to resume readings in the fall of 2024.  I’m very sorry to anyone who has been waiting to book a session.  I am working towards opening up again as soon as possible.

I offer private readings for people who connect with my style and energy.  These readings will give you information about your past lives and give you valuable insight into who you truly are and what your unique talents are.

I use my pendulum and an alphabet mat to channel these messages from my Guides and Angels.  You will receive a recording of the session.


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My Book

In the late spring of 2022, one of my Angel Guides named Victoria, began to give me messages  for a book. This book offers a glimpse into the future of Earth and its people. These channeled messages allow Lightworkers to hone in on what is truly important – Love.  The book provides a lot of information to help us navigate through as we enter The Age of Aquarius. Lightworkers have a big job ahead of them and they deserve every blessing coming their way. A Lightworker’s Guidebook is now available for purchase on Amazon.